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There are four ways to access your current employees to review the forms.

1.  Use the Single-Sign-On option within the ATS side of ApplicantPro.  Click the View Onboarding Profile link under the integration tab of the new hire's application.  It will take you to the new hire's onboarding folder.


2.  Use the Search Feature in the top right corner to search by first name, last name, or both.  Once the system pulls up the list of employees, click on the name to go to the employee folder.

3.  Click on the Staff icon in the top menu bar and select Incomplete Employees from the drop-down menu.  This will pull up a list of all employees that were in the process of completing their onboarding documents.  The Progress link to to the right side will show what is remaining to be completed.  If you click on the new hire name, it will take you to the employee folder.

4.  If you know the specific division for the new hire, click on the division button from the main page to go to the division dashboard.  Select View Current Employees from the list under the Employee section to view a list of all employees and their progress.  Click on the name of the new hire to go into their employee folder.



Forms will show as yellow in the employee folder area.  To approve them, click on the manage button, view the form to review the new hire side.  Use the drop-down menu to either reject or approve their portion.  Click update.  If there are any additional fields that need to be filled out by HR or a manager, the system will prompt you to complete them at this time.



The approval process for the I9 is the same as any other form.  When you select approve from the drop-down menu and click update, you will be directed to complete section 2 of the form.  You will need to enter the new hire's ID and sign off that you saw the original documents.    If you are also using the integrated eVerify option, you will be prompted to complete the eVerify portion once the I9 is complete.


If you want to go directly from the Applicant's folder in ApplicantPro to their Employee Onboarding folder within HireForms, you are able to use the Single Sign-on Option.


Once the New Hire has activated their account, you will be able to see how far along in the process they are, which forms are complete, which are still in progress, if they have uploaded any documents, and are able to start approving forms as they are completed

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