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Please refer back to this area for any notifications regarding HireForms:

Known System Issues:

Intermittent E-Verify outages were reported starting on 9/18/23. If you have pending/duplicate cases that need to be closed please reach out to or use the "Report Issue" button below. Be sure to include the name and case number if available. 

Once duplicate cases are closed, if it is past the 3-day mark, you will be prompted to enter a reason. Please choose "Technical Issue"

If you need to report an issue to our support team please click the link below to send an email.

Recent System Updates:

  • 11/15/23 - Messaging Updates

    • Employees can message HR Staff who are assigned to their division​

    • HR Admins can message all Admins and Staff in bulk

    • Restrict Message Responses: Admins can control who sees and responds to messages based on the content. 

  • 9/6/23 - Form Order for Signing, submitting, viewing, and printing - The Form Order can now be reorganized in the form Manager which will be mirrored in the Employee Folder when viewing and printing the users's forms.

  • 8/29/23 - The new I-9 is available on all accounts



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With HireForms by ApplicantPro, you get unlimited training and support.

To add or update forms or any technical issues, please reach out to our amazing onboarding support team.

For onboarding training, questions, and discussions on best practices and compliance for new hire paperwork, eVerify, or WOTC, please reach out to Alicia or Stephanie. 

To manage or update your application, applicants, or  job postings, please reach out to our fabulous ATS support team.

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Onboarding Support


Monday - Friday

8:00 am - 4:30 pm MT



Alicia Bowers

Applicant Attraction, Onboarding, and WOTC Consultant

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

3688 Campus Drive #150

Eagle Mountain, UT 84005

888-633-9269 x 5279


Stephanie Mitchell

Onboarding Implementation Specialist

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3688 Campus Drive #150

Eagle Mountain, UT 84005


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ATS (Applicant Tracking) Support

888-633-9269 x 2



888-633-9269 x 710


Monday - Friday

8:00 am - 5:00 pm MT

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