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Once you have followed the Implementation steps, you are ready to jump in and get your account setup.  There are a few settings that need to be in place in order to start sending out your onboarding paperwork.  Go through the steps below to be ready to start sending out your new hire packages.  



Once your site is created, you will receive an account activation email with your login credentials for the onboarding module,  



Once you have access to the onboarding module, your first step is to create your divisions.  Divisions help you create different organizational buckets for your new hires.  There are many different ways you can divide up your divisions.  


Some examples would be:

  • By job type such as full time vs part time

  • By options such as benefit vs non-benefit or union vs non-union

  • By job descriptions either by a specific title or by larger groups such as driver vs non-driver

  • By location such as state, city, etc

  • By company business units such as departments/branches/stores/e

If you already have divisions created and you need to add more, you can inherit settings from an existing division to pull over to your new division.  This will save you time from going back and setting up a new division from scratch.  



When your forms are initially added, they will land in the system in alphabetical order.  While this order will continue to display on the HR side in lists alphabetically so you can easily find forms, you will want to reorder the forms to put them in the order you want the new hire to sign them.  

Not every form needs to go to every division.  The Assign to Division area lets you assign forms to just the groups that need to see them and hides the form from everyone else.  This means that you cannot accidentally give the wrong form to the wrong group.    

The form notification area sets up a time frame for your new hires to complete their paperwork as well as any automatic reminders to complete that paperwork in time.  You can also set a notification to HR or specific individuals to let them know the new hire/employee did not complete the paperwork in that set time frame. 



The Prepopulate a form section allows you to fill in specific company-wide or division-wide information that will pull over during the approval process so that Admins/Managers do not have to repeat it each time. You can open this section by selecting the Form Icon in the top menu bar and clicking on ‘Prepopulate aForm’ from the drop-down menu.

From there, select your form from the drop-down menu, select company-wide or a specific division, and then complete the fields

We have added in your company name and address company-wide for the I9 and W4.  You are able to pre-populate additional forms as well as adjust the company-wide information to be division specific.



If you go into a division and scroll down, you will see a Global Form Permissions area.  This area allows you to preselect the forms you want to go initially to your new hires.  Whatever is checked off here will pull over into the ATS side of ApplicantPro or into your manual add area within HireForms.  You can select all forms or just specific ones.  

When you have your packet selected, click update in the lower right corner. This will save the packet for any new hires moving forward.  If will not affect any employee already in the division.


If you adjust your packet and want those changes to go to all current employees in the division as well as any new hires moving forward.  You will see the completion % for any employee already in the division go down as the new changes are made.  You will want to send a notice to all those employees to let them know to log back into to complete any new forms.  



The Flyers area allows you to drop in your PDF Documents that you normally would print out and hand to your new hire to review.  They do not have to sign or fill out anything, just be provided with a copy.  


It could also be something you need them to review, print out, or have a third-party such as a spouse, physician, or notary sign.  Some examples would be a Holiday Schedule, Payday Schedule, Map of the facility and where you want them to park, Company Contact List, Benefit Summaries, FMLA Information, etc. 

If needed, we can add a link to your Account Activation Email so the new hire will have access to read these Flyers before they log into the system.   This area can be found by selecting the Settings Icon in the top menu bar and clicking on ‘Flyers’ from the drop-down menu.

Once the flyers are added and assigned to the appropriate divisions, they will automatically show to the new hire when they complete their paperwork and will be available to review, print, or download any time they log back into  You can also add a link to review these flyers to the activation email if you want the hire to view them before they log in.



This is an optional step, but we highly recommend adding Bookmarks if you are using both the ATS and ONB modules.  You are able to create a bookmark within the ATS so you can easily jump from the ATS to the ONB module when needed.  You can also bookmark this training site as well as my calendar so the links are always available to grab quickly.   

These bookmarks will be with you anytime you log into ApplicantPro no matter what device or browser you are using.  This will save you from tracking down emails and other locations to find the links.

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